Day 8 - Day 9

Published 27 Jun 2012 17:08

Published 26 Jun 2012

Smooth sailing so far! I've felt better these days than any others. I won't bother with the details, but in all, I feel (what I remember being) like before the transition. No fore-brain pressure, dizziness, or loss of focus. I've been doing this enough days to know this can turn on a dime, but I'm getting past sleep inertia grogginess quicker, and feeling good up to the next nap.

I am, however, confronted with a challenge: I will need to delay my nap tonight by a couple of hours while I'm at a baseball game (go Rangers!). I've deliberated over the best course of action, such as simply sleeping monophasically the night before (or after), delaying the nap till I return, or skipping it all together. Part of me wants to skip it to find out if/how I get tired, but it's probably too soon to start screwing around with the schedule, so I'm just going to nap when I get back (which I'm expecting will be midnight).

I see 3 possibilities: I wake up and feel normal through 5 AM (meaning it doesn't really matter WHEN you sleep, just that you get enough cycles), I wake up and feel terrible just through 5 AM (meaning each period between naps functions like a full day, and skipping/delaying a nap is like skipping/delaying a full night's rest, which sucks but can be recovered from a day later), or I feel terrible throughout the course of the next day (which means I have a "more rigid" schedule than monophasic sleepers, even though a day is the length most people suffer from a long night…).

I don't like my odds but I'm psyched to see what happens. Honestly, option #2 would be fine with me, since it would also prove that triphasic sleep is more efficient at recovery than monophasic (a few hours is better than a full day).

In regards to my contemplation about which sleep schedule to practice after my screwup, I've decided to keep on my current schedule till at least the end of summer, when I can make plans with an actual class schedule in front of me. I have a 3 week job at a debate camp in about a month, which may or may not require adjustment. My hope is to get my 1:30 nap shortened to about an hour, since that would fit most schedules. We'll see what my body thinks, though.

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