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Published 01 Jul 2012 14:29

Published 29 Jun 2012

The delay didn't wreck havoc on my body (and/or spirit) as I thought it might have. I fell asleep right around midnight, which is 1.5 hours later than usual, and slept soundly for another 1.5 hours. I paid close attention to my energy levels during the early AM's, and I felt fine! In fact, I felt good - plus, I was awake for a shorter period of time (1:30 - 5 AM), so I got to go to sleep before things got too bad.

However, the morning upon waking up from that nap was no bueno. I got tired much earlier than normal before 1:30 (I looked at the clock and shuddered at the prospect of it only being 9 AM). But, I managed. I did, however, set my alarm for a 10 minute snooze halfway through the period. Historically these power "naps" (if you can call them that, since I never fully fall asleep) have helped my short-term energy levels, and this was no different - it was even better on this sleep schedule since the hour or two it boosted me in lasted to the next nap! I don't feel that these have any effect on my sleep cycles since I'm not sleeping per se (and therefore never getting the necessary REM and deep sleep); rather, I'm giving my brain, eyes, and the rest of my body a chance to collect themselves. To be safe, though, I'm not going to rely on these unless ABSOLUTELY necessary (perhaps as a recovery mechanism from skipping or delaying naps).

Staying up during the baseball game, even beyond 10:30 PM, was no challenge. It even took a while to actually fall asleep when I finally got in bed (not that this would be linked to exhaustion - my mind races in bed even when I'm dead tired, sometimes). The point is just that things were pretty normal, even while changing things around. Hell, I'm not 100% sure my fatigue that morning was due to delaying my nap (placebo? hmm…).

Everything past that was/is normal. And I mean normal in the monophasic-sense - I feel very alert, abundantly energetic at times, and at least rational enough to analyze and discuss current events (SCOTUS, namely).

So, my overall outlook on this sleep schedule is quite positive. Hopefully I'll gain more flexibility over time, which would make this schedule a blast - easy to transition to, and easy to keep.

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