Day 3

Published 21 Jun 2012 15:13


I’ve encountered a trade-off with this schedule so far: Midnight-5 AM has become easier throughout the entire period, but I generally feel a tad more sluggish than normal, especially as I approach nap-times. In my mind, this is evidence of adaptation – my body recognizes that I’m awake at different periods, and is acting more consistently, but at the same time isn’t quite getting all the sleep it wants yet.

Throughout the day, this sluggishness isn't slowing me down per se; it's more of a slight pressure in my head. Right after I wake up, that's genuine grogginess, but between naps my brain simply seems to be (rather) gently reminding me that I need some sleep.

Another oddity: for a couple of minutes immediately after waking from my 5 AM nap, I honestly couldn’t tell if I had slept at all. Looking back on it, I must have, because I don’t remember any lingering thoughts about how I should be falling asleep (so I must have fallen asleep quickly), but I awoke to the same level of awareness, and possibly even the same thought-process as when I went to sleep. It felt as though I simply blinked, and my alarm went off. This seemed negative to me, because I desperately wanted to get more sleep at that moment (dreading the long wait to my next nap), but it could be more evidence that I’m coping with the change, since I’m falling asleep and waking up faster.

During the days, I usually feel just fine. Yesterday I went bowling with some friends. I’m no bowler – it’s just a fun way to pass the time – but I bowled both games better than any games I had played before. I felt more focused and calm, with fewer distracting thoughts (reminding me at the last second to twist the wrist further, or take an extra step, ect.) than normal. I simply told myself to take an action, and my body cooperated by taking care of the individual processes. I’ve heard of this sensation in many other polyphasic sleepers, and I’m still trying to figure out if it’s a pro or a con, and if I’m sacrificing higher-level cognitive functions for it.

Honestly, my assessment of how things are going depends mostly on when I’m writing the logs. This log I wrote entirely in one session at about 10 AM, while with the others, I wrote about each nap separately right after having taken each one. I think I’ll try to write about each individual nap again, and go back to observe the patterns in my prognosis afterwards.

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