Day 4

Published 22 Jun 2012 23:18


Yesterday after I posted, my energy went downhill quickly. I got tired and lost focus while I was doing things before 1:30, especially while trying to learn a new song on the piano. I kept spacing out, forgetting what to do with my fingers, and eventually I had to get up – my brain would have no more of it. Unusual, but temporary; after my nap I felt better, but I didn’t try to play again. I’ll need to return to this so I can pinpoint what about this particular activity was so hard.

I had to delay a nap for the first time last night, since I watched the tail-end of the NBA Finals game (disappointing). I got in bed only about 15 minutes later than usual, but I didn’t have my usual time to start gearing down, and so I laid awake for another 20 minutes (maybe longer..?). I still set my alarm for 1:45 minutes to keep conditioning my body, so theoretically I only “missed” 5 minutes of sleep, but I woke up extremely groggy. Trying to get out of bed was my biggest challenge thus far, and I lay around for some 30 minutes, dazed. It seems that delaying my nap by just 20 minutes threw my circadian rhythm for a loop. I’m hoping it’s only because I’m in the middle of a sleep-depriving adaptation, where flexibility is minimal (no energy reserves to compensate). The bright side of this, though, is proof of my body recognizing my new schedule.

This morning I experienced slight sensations of dizziness for a few seconds at a time, perhaps 3 or 4 times before 1:30, even though I’m not severely sleep deprived. It could be dietary – perhaps I need more protein. It could simply be that I’ve been focusing for too long without my usual 8-hour break.

The best news is that I woke up from my 1:30 nap 3 minutes before my alarm! I felt wide awake – no dirty sleep inertia – and slightly less groggy than usual for the next few hours. When waking up, I also experienced the sensation that I had merely blinked, rather than fallen into slumber, as I did yesterday. It’s extremely confusing for a few moments, since my brain seems to convince itself that I had somehow not fallen asleep at all, despite the afterthought that I would have remembered lying awake that long. This should mean that I’m waking up after my REM cycle, which is optimal. We’ll see if this continues, and if it does, I will be very pleased, since this is the sign I’ve been looking for to know I’m adapting.

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