Day 5

Published 24 Jun 2012 13:30

Published 23 Jun 2012

I hit a wall this morning between 12 - 5 AM. Trying to stay awake felt like running a marathon. A shower boosted my energy for about 1.5 hours, but after that, time seemed to crawl at a snail's pace. I don't know why this particular morning was so much more difficult than the others, but I seriously hope it's a one-time occurrence.

In any case, I made it through, and my energy levels throughout the day were fine. The "blink" sensation (that I feel I don't actually fall asleep, but simply blink and an hour and a half has passed) has become a regular occurrence.

Between 12-1:30 PM, I experienced near-debilitating nausea. I was afraid that I had caught a stomach virus which my family suffered a week ago while I was out of town, and that I'd need to postpone this experiment until I was healthy, but I never actually got sick, and after waking up I felt fine. I have heard that sleep deprivation wrecks your immune system, so I'm hoping it was simply an upset stomach (between 12-5 AM, I had eaten nothing but chocolate raisins and pistachios :3).

I've decided that my "sleep deprivation" isn't actually that bad at all, and I've returned to most of my daily activities, such as driving and exercise, save between 12 - 5 AM.

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