(Remainder of) Day 6 - Day 7

Published 27 Jun 2012 15:54

Published 25 Jun 2012

The rest of day 6 was fine. I never experienced intense grogginess, even during the early morning. At the same time, I didn't feel any more alert than usual, so I'm not sure what to make of the long-sleep.

One difference in my routine which may account for the wakefulness is that I've begun to stay in a voice-chat with a couple of friends throughout the early, early morning. Sometimes I'll play engaging computer games with them. (Looking back on it 2 days later, this definitely helps more than anything.)

This is also helpful to me as a litmus test: historically, fatigue has always triumphed over my abilities in video/computer games, and I'd perform steadily worse in the game as the night went on. Eventually I'd get off for need of sleep. Now, however, I find games simply as another way to pass the time and forget that I'd normally be asleep then, and I'm not tiring or performing worse throughout the morning. In fact, my level of performance seems to be equal at all points in the day. To me, this is evidence that the naps have SOME sort of restorative effect, since it's better than simply staying awake. (It also sounds like an excuse to play more video games…)

The unvarying levels in my energy solidifies in my mind the ease of adapting to this schedule - after only a week, it seems that I can just switch back and forth between monophasic and triphasic, with no detriment. I can definitely see how this could be helpful in college, or in a self-employed job. You get 4 free hours, not to mention an odd sense of focus and time-dilation. Works for me!

In other news, my eating habits suck. I'm not usually hungry soon after waking, but I need to eat a while before my next nap so I fall asleep easy and don't sleep too heavily. What's been happening is that I'll eat breakfast around 7:30 AM, but then eat a lunch in that same period of wakefulness, before my 1:30 nap. I snack till dinner with my family around 7:30. Pretty normal, but between 12-5 AM, I want desert, and I also snack on nuts, fruit, and candy the whole time. I feel like I'm practically made of chocolate raisins and pistachios.

I also tend to suffer on lunch, since it falls too soon to my nap for me to go out with friends, or pick up a salad, and still get home in time to have enough time to gear down and fall asleep. I tend to simply eat leftovers at this time since it's quick and easy. I'm not liking this one bit, since I'm probably missing out on the nutrients provided by varied meals. But what I really need to do is spend an hour a day preparing meals which I can eat at any point in the day. Normally this would be a hassle, but having a kitchen to myself in the mornings along with some extra hours mitigates the trouble.

Now the only problem is learning how to cook.

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